Whom should i contact for the Arya Samaj marriage?

Contact for Arya Samaj marriage

Contact us for an Arya Samaj marriage. We have registered the Arya Samaj institution. Our Arya Samaj maintains proper records, and after the solemnization of marriage, you need to apply for marriage registration in the SDM court in your area of jurisdiction.

Our expert team members will be present to help you with your marriage, or they will also support you in registering your marriage hassle-free. We do our best to assist our clients. You can directly contact us for any requirements.

For a court marriage, you need to give a complete 30-day notice, and on the next date, your marriage will be solemnized, so it will take more than 30 days to complete your marriage. If you do not have time and want to get married in one day, and many couples choose a one-day marriage in Arya Samaj, after that, they register their marriage. Because it is quite an easy and simple process in less time.

Arya Samaj marriage, or same-day marriage in Delhi, will take 2 to 3 hours. At the time of marriage, the girl’s age should be 18 and the boy’s age should be 21. Both boys and girls must be single at the time of marriage. There is a need for two witnesses at the time of marriage in Arya Samaj; after that, you need to go for marriage registration as per your area of jurisdiction. You need to visit twice with your witnesses and complete the documents.


The documents may include proof of age (birth certificate, school leaving certificate, passport); proof of residence (Aadhar card, voter ID, utility bills, driver’s license, passport); and passport-sized photographs.

The need for a divorce decree in case of divorce

The need for a death certificate in case of widow/widower

Bring witnesses along with their ID proofs and passport-size photos to solemnize the marriage.

Whom should I contact for the Arya Samaj marriage?

We have the best team who will assist you with your questions regarding court marriage and inform you of the complete process of court marriage.

You may contact us for same-day marriage or court marriage in Delhi 07617 414 41


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