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Difference between court marriage and registered marriage

Difference between court marriage and registered marriage?

It has been witnessed that the couple thinks that both court marriage and registered marriage have no difference. A court marriage will be performed before a marriage official, after which a marriage certificate will be provided. For further information on the subject of court marriage and marriage registration, or if you wish to get married through the court, you may contact an experienced advocate and get it done.

Court Marriage:

Court marriage refers to a legal procedure in which a couple gets married in a court of law, typically in the presence of a marriage officer, such as a magistrate or a district judge.
The Special Marriage Act of 1954 governs the court marriage process. Couples from different religious backgrounds or those who prefer a secular marriage often opt for court marriages.
The ceremony is relatively simple and usually involves the exchange of vows and the signing of the marriage register in the presence of the marriage officer.

Registered Marriage:

A registered marriage, in the Indian context, generally refers to the act of officially recording the marriage with the local government authorities after the wedding ceremony has taken place. This is a legal requirement to obtain a marriage certificate.
After the marriage or any other form of marriage, couples need to register their marriage with the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) or the Registrar of Marriages in the jurisdiction where the marriage took place.
The registration is crucial for the legal recognition of the marriage and for obtaining a marriage certificate, which serves as valid proof of the marital relationship.

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Who Is Eligible for Court Marriage?
There are various conditions imposed by the Act for court marriage. Some of these conditions are discussed below:

  • The couple must be sound-mind.
  • The parties should be unmarried at the time of applying for court marriage.
  • The couple should have attained the legal age for marriage.
  • Both parties must have given mutual consent to marriage.
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Places to apply for a registered marriage:

  • The place where the couples got married.
  • The marriage registrar’s office is near the house of the bride.
  • The marriage registrar’s office is near the groom’s house.

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