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Court Marriage/ Special Marriage

Court marriage or special marriage

According to this Act, the couples have to serve a notice with the relevant documents to the marriage officer 30 days before the intended date of the marriage. However, for easy doing or knowing this process, you can visit, The couple will have to visit the marriage officer for the solemnization of marriage.

To get married under the Special Marriage Act, the couple needs to give a notice of their intention to marry to the Marriage Officer of the district in which at least one of the parties has resided for at least 30 days before giving the notice. The notice is then displayed on the notice board of the office of the marriage officer for 30 days, during which time any objections can be raised. If no objections are received, the marriage officer will then issue a certificate of marriage.

The Special Marriage Act also provides for a court marriage procedure where the marriage can be solemnized in the presence of a marriage officer and three witnesses. The marriage certificate is then issued on the same day.

The court marriage process is simple and straightforward; it is preferred by many couples, and there are no religious rituals or ceremonies. The process is open to people of all religions and communities and provides legal recognition of the marriage.

The registration process for the Special Marriage Act:-

1. Both parties are required to be present after the submission of documents for the issuance of a public notice inviting objections.

2: One copy of the notice is posted on the notice board, and another copy of the notice may be sent by registered post to both parties at the given address.

3: Registration is done 30 days after the date of notice after deciding any objection that may have been received during that period by the SDM or Marriage Officer

4: Both parties, along with three witnesses, are required to be present on the date of registration.

Important documents to carry along:

1. The application form must be duly signed by both husband and wife.

2: Documentary evidence of the date of birth of parties (Matriculation Certificate, Passport / Birth Certificate) The minimum age of both parties is 18 or 21 years at the time of registration under the Special Marriage Act.

3: Ration card of the husband or wife whose area SDM has been approached for the certificate.

4: In the case of the Special Marriage Act, documentary evidence regarding the stay in Delhi of the parties for more than 30 days (ration card or report from the concerned SHO)

5-Affidavit by both parties stating place and date of marriage, date of birth, marital status at the time of marriage, and nationality.

6- Passport-size photographs of both parties

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