Arya Samaj Marriage in Delhi

Court Marriage Process in Delhi

Court Marriage Process in Delhi

The court marriage process in Delhi is through court, and it is different from traditional marriage. No kind of tradition is followed that is practiced during a traditional wedding. In a court marriage, two people who are eligible to get married and fulfill all the court marriage rules can marry each other in the presence of three witnesses. A court marriage is valid in front of marriage officers and witnesses in the court. Court marriages will be registered under the Special Marriage Act of 1954.

For court marriage, two major persons of different genders who belong to different or the same religions can marry each other. Both people don’t need to be Indian nationals. They can also marry if one of the parties is a foreign national.

Rules of a Court Marriage in India

According to the Special Marriage Act of 1954, some rules and regulations need to be followed before getting a court marriage.

Both parties should not already be married at the time of the court marriage. Only the previous spouse is not alive, or divorce has been obtained from them and needs a death certificate or divorce decree from an honorable court.

Free consent for the court marriage should be given by both parties. Consent should not be taken when the person is insane, has an unsound mind, etc.

Both parties should be of marriageable age at the time of marriage.

Both parties should not be related to each other under the forbidden degrees of marriage. Marriage will only be solemnized if one of the parties customs allows it, so make sure of the forbidden degrees.

Court Marriage Notice

A notice for court marriage is a formal document or announcement that is typically required by the legal authorities or the court when individuals intend to solemnize their marriage through a court. This notice is a formal declaration of the intention to marry and is often a legal requirement.

The notice may include details such as the names, addresses, and other relevant information of the individuals intending to marry. It may also specify the date and time of the intended marriage ceremony.

Declaration Form of both parties and witnesses

The declaration of the court marriage by the parties and witnesses Both parties and three witnesses should sign the court marriage form, stating that the marriage is happening with their free consent. The court marriage declaration form should be signed in the presence of the marriage officer, and after the declaration of both parties and three witnesses, the court marriage process will proceed to the next step.

Court Marriage Certificate

When the marriage is solemnized according to all the rules and regulations of the court marriage act, the marriage officer will complete the marriage certificate. The court marriage certificate is evidence of marriage after the signatures of parties and witnesses.

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