Arya Samaj Marriage in Delhi

Court marriage procedure in Delhi

Court marriage procedure in Delhi

Court marriage procedure in Delhi is defined in the Marriage Act to complete the marriage. It is performed in court. A court marriage is a legal process to complete the marriage, and it is performed in court according to the laws of court marriage. It allows marriage, irrespective of their religion or caste.

The procedure for court marriage in Delhi involves several steps, and it is important to follow the legal procedures to ensure a valid and recognized marriage. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the court marriage process in Delhi:

Marriage is the union of two souls where an oath ceremony is performed according to the Special Marriage Act of 1954. Before the marriage officer or registrar and in the presence of witnesses.

To get your marriage done in Delhi through the court marriage process, you can follow these general steps:


Ensure that both you and your partner meet the eligibility criteria for marriage, including being of legal marriageable age, mentally sound, and not within the prohibited degree of relationship.
Notice of Intended Marriage:

Visit the office of the marriage officer in the district where either you or your partner have resided for at least 30 days before giving the notice.
Submit the prescribed form for the “Notice of Intended Marriage” to the Marriage Officer.

The marriage officer will publish the notice.
The notice is displayed for a 30-day period, during which objections can be raised.


If there are no objections or if any objections raised are resolved, the marriage officer will proceed with the marriage.


Arrange for three witnesses who will be present at the time of the marriage. They should have valid identification and address proof.

Marriage Ceremony:

On the scheduled date, the marriage will be solemnized in the presence of the marriage officer and the witnesses.


Prepare and submit the required documents, including proof of age, residence, photographs, and affidavits.

Marriage Certificate:

After the marriage ceremony, the marriage officer will issue a marriage certificate.
It’s essential to note that the specific procedures and required documents may vary, so it’s advisable to check with the local marriage officer or visit the official website of the Delhi government. Or contact us for detailed information and to complete the marriage process.

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